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No trend in the current workplace is more prevalent than the need to do more with less; higher expectations, fewer resources and a greater pace of change are typical. The opportunities are exciting but even for agile individuals who can rapidly learn and adapt, the environment can be taxing. Common challenges include the pace of organisational change outstripping leader’s ability to grow, a requirement for skill sets broader than known competency areas, and technical staff being promoted into leadership positions without sufficient development opportunities. Limited time available for support and mentoring of leaders exacerbates these challenges. Simply put, there is more need ­– but less space –­ for professional development.

Coaching assists leaders to unpack challenges, identify personal development areas and build competencies in a sustainable and productive way, aiming for greater alignment between the individual and the organisation. Our coaching offering includes leadership development, executive coaching, leadership transitions, team effectiveness and influencing skills.

Thought Partnership

Whether overseeing a large or small organisation, the essence of a leader’s role is to set the organisational trajectory and ensure they have the right people with the right intention and the right tools. The reality though, is that these core functions are often lost beneath the extraordinary demands on a leader’s time and energy.

The leader’s world is one of dilemmas, not problems. It involves trade offs, not solutions. Space must be made for reflection and learning, but there is little room to divert resources from the critical path. Leadership requires the binocularity of a chameleon – one eye inside the organisation, one on the operating environment. And just when the organisation resolves technical issues, people problems arise. To top it off, the greatest challenge for many leaders is the nature of their position; it’s lonely at the top.

The thought partnership offering provides an impartial sounding board for leaders to talk about organisational issues. The combination of a sound understanding of human behaviour, deep experience supporting leaders and involvement in large projects in the public and private sectors provides a solid, non­judgemental platform on which to test thinking that might not yet be ready for a wider audience.

Leadership Development

Recent research from the Telios Institute indicates that 30% of organisational performance is explained by culture, and 70% of culture is explained by leadership behaviour, creating a clear case for prioritising leadership development.

Leadership development can take many forms, from individual coaching to working with entire top team and select talent. It can be built into change programs, culture alignment or run as a standalone program. Much of our leadership work is grounded in the emotional intelligence research of Goleman and Boyatzis, and implemented using a Gestalt framework.

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