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Services / Teams

Team Effectiveness

The ability of an organisation to deliver on its strategy is contingent on the ability of its people to work well in groups. While competent individuals are able to get things done quickly, highly effective teams outperform them in the long run. All too often though, the team is the source of an organisation’s people challenges. These difficulties can be explicit, such as when conflict erupts, or implicit, where there is no obvious discord but a group of capable individuals can’t seem to produce the results expected of them.

Challenges in teams are common; individual differences are highlighted the closer people are required to work together. If that difference is constructive it results in more creative problem solving, greater diversity of solutions and richer exploration of subject areas. But when it’s destructive, the energy turns inward and shows up as frustration, resistance or conflict.

We work with groups to help them understand interpersonal dynamics, identify how they get stuck, and show them how to use their diversity to support their goals and enrich their work experience. Our work takes the form of team coaching, conflict resolution, team alignment and diversity management.


Distillery’s skilled facilitators help teams and organisations work more effectively. We create constructive spaces for teams and organisations to explore, reflect, contest, discuss and clarify pertinent issues. We guide the process with a neutral and supportive presence so that high quality decisions are made in service of the organisation’s mission.


Distillery offers training & skills development for individuals and groups on a variety of topics – including influencing skills, assertiveness training, conflict management and developing presence. We deliver modules based on a sound understanding of the need, tailoring delivery to meet the learning styles of the group.

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