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Distillery is an organisation development consultancy.

Our vision at Distillery is simple: fulfilled people doing great work in successful organisations. We uncover the obstacles to this ideal and help our clients find elegant ways to resolve them.

What we do

We use an understanding of organisational systems and human behaviour to improve alignment between three pillars of an organisation: strategy, people and operations. Distillery delivers interventions that clarify and strengthen strategy, develop the leadership to drive it, and builds better alignment between the organisation and its people, ensuring staff are positioned to add the most value and get the most satisfaction. These interventions can vary from coaching or thought partnership for leaders, to strategic reviews for small business, to change management programs for large organisations. See below for a more detailed description of the types of issue we commonly come across and the services we offer to address them.


We offer services to individuals, teams and organisations.

Coaching, thought partnership & leadership development

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Team effectiveness, facilitation & training

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Small business overhaul & strategy and culture alignment

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