Our vision is simple; fulfilled people doing inspiring work in successful organisations

We’re driven by our belief that work can be better - that people can be more fulfilled, teams can be more collaborative & creative, and organisations can do extraordinary things that positively impact the world. The possibility of such a world provides the energy that fuels our work.

Distillation requires raw materials, carefully designed processes, calibrated heat, removal of superfluous material, and time. What emerges is the essence of the thing, which becomes the core ingredient of the new product. We think it’s a pretty good metaphor for our work.

Distillery was founded by Michael Henderson and Jeremy Timm. Between them they have over 40 years experience improving organisational effectiveness in the public, private and development sectors. Jeremy and Michael worked together at National Treasury, where they have a combined 20 years experience.

The following principles guide how we work.

Our team

Michael Henderson


Michael spent the first 10 years of his career in the private sector, working in the UK and Southeast Asia before returning to South Africa to pursue an interest in psychology. He decided not to complete his clinical training, but human behaviour – and the forces that guide and shape it – remains his principal interest. He worked on organisational development projects for an oil major and retail organisations, before joining National Treasury, where he worked for 8 years before leaving to establish Distillery. He lives in Cape Town and is currently writing a novel.

Bonolo Mohulatsi

Junior Consultant

Understanding how and why people think what they do, and the impact of these thoughts on human behaviour is one of Bonolo’s key passions. She’s fascinated by patterns of behaviour and how these can be used as a window to gain insight into building better habits and creating environments that allow individuals and teams to function better. Bonolo’s interest in human systems was fuelled during her training as a human geographer, where she used a spatial lens to examine how people interact with their immediate environment. Bonolo is full of energy, up for learning, and loves that the dynamic nature of people ensures no two days are ever the same.

Jeremy Timm


Jeremy is fascinated by the human condition and the multifaceted ways in which humans engage with each other. He trained as a city and regional planner, cut his teeth in local government, and has spent much of his career exploring that factors that get in the way of great plans being implemented. He loves looking at issues from different attitudes and altitudes. He’s worked for, and consulted to, all three spheres of the South African public service. He lives in Johannesburg, though a large part of his heart is in the Eastern Cape.

Who we've worked with

Jeremy and Michael have a unique way of empowering the people around them without creating dependency. No matter how complex the situation, they get to the heart of the matter with care, creativity, and good humor.

Paul Cooper, President of Face to Face Strategies, Inc

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