We dig beneath the surface to find the essence of issues, then design creative, engaging, provocative interventions to help our client resolve them


Facilitating strategy

Distillery utilises a custom diagnostic tool and sophisticated design principles to ensure strategic interventions balance solid content development with an energising process, leaving participants informed, enthused and engaged.

Developing sector partnerships

Distillery runs large scale, multi-party engagements designed to entice participants out of organisational-centric views, to consider issues from an elevated perspective. Naming and addressing barriers to connection facilitates formation of relationships – the glue for collaborative partnerships.

Building mission-appropriate cultures

Using a range of diagnostic lenses, we present a view of ‘actual’ culture (as distinct from those of value statements or leadership ideals), identify characteristics that enable or undermine progress, and design behaviour change interventions to ensure culture compliments strategy.

Supporting organisational change

Building on our belief that sustainable change must be driven from within the organisation, we equip leaders to drive change in a nuanced, emotionally mature way, supporting them to shift environments from static, rigid and defensive, to open, adaptable, and growing.


In-house leadership development programs

We design and deliver tailored leadership programmes that ground theory in practical, relevant application, using real cases from the client environment. Anchoring the learning in our clients’ reality ensures relevance and increases ROI.

Gestalt-based professional development courses

Distillery runs training programmes to support personal and professional development on topics including emotional intelligence, adult learning theory, Gestalt and Transactional Analysis, as well as thematic immersions like Giant Leaps in Midlife, and Toward More Creative Living.


Role and career transitions

We work with professionals transitioning into a new role or career, a move typified by excitement at the possibility, and fear of the unknown and irreversible mistakes. We provide space for experimentation with scenarios, so that clients can move into new positions with authenticity and conviction.

Establishing founding partnerships

We work with founding partners of small enterprises, helping them to strengthen the relationship that sits at the centre of the operation. Too often this is ignored (understandingly – it’s uncomfortable) but difficult conversations at the early stages pay dividends when the stakes are high.

Developing team effectiveness

Distillery supports teams – the engine room of any organisation – to function effectively, ensuring full utilisation of the available resources and individual satisfaction. We design interventions to surface and address conflict, boost creativity, and improve ability to handle diverse interpersonal dynamics.

Creative coaching

At Distillery we’re great believers in the power of the creative process to unlock stubborn problems in our client work. We work with organisational and private individuals on their ability to find, and give voice to, their creative genius.

Working with Jeremy and Mike is simply powerful. They have a unique way of assessing situations and designing work with teams that is challenging, engaging, and deeply supportive.

Cortney Cahill
Cahill Collins Consulting Partners

We love collaborating with clients that have ambitious goals to change their world